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Managed Flash Technology (MFT)
Flash SSD Acceleration Software

Patent pending Managed Flash Technology (MFT) is software that performs random writes up to a thousand times faster than was ever possible before.

Flash Solid State Drives (SSDs) random read up to fifty times faster than Hard Disks but random write a hundred times slower than they random read. Thus, bare SSDs normally perform no better than Hard Disks.

MFT enabled Flash Disks operate up to fifty times faster than a Hard Disk. A customer said: "MFT reduced my end of day job from 10 hours 55 minutes to 27 minutes.”

MFT increases the write-life of Flash Disks more than 50-fold. MFT makes low cost MLC SSDs suitable for high performance servers. As MLC drives cost about the same as high performance Hard Disks, MFT is the way to dramatically increase performance at almost no cost.

MFT is software that loads on your Windows or Linux computer. It will work with virtually any Flash SSD.

MFT enabled MLC drives cost half of high performance bare SLC flash drives and perform seven times as fast: a 14:1 value advantage. Click here to read about cost and performance comparison's of various drives.

MFT enabled SLC drives deliver maximum performance and write-life for 24x7 enterprise applications.